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Prepare for the Fall Poppy Seed Shortage:

We are expecting a shortage of high quality poppy seed this fall! Lately there have been shortages of other necessities like toilet paper, but now poppyseed could be next. We have seen shortages in the fall of previous years, but we expect this year to be worse. This could be a serious problem for poppyseed tea users if availability goes down and/or prices go up, so we wanted to reach out and help you prepare.

Why do we expect a shortage?

Increasing Demand
– This years seed has been amazing.
– More people are discovering poppy seed tea and sharing it with others.
– People are consuming more tea, alcohol, junk food, etc because of covid and economic stress.

Decreasing Supply
– People are buying more then normal.
– There are very few sources of high quality poppy seed.
– There is only 1 poppy seed harvest per year.
– The wholesale supply is largely sold out.
– Once the supply is gone, there are no viable substitutes.
– The next harvest may not be available until Spring 2022.

Ways to Prepare:

Stock up!
We would recommend stocking up with a 6 month supply if possible. You can get a much lower price per pound with a larger order. Prices are likely to go up if it is even available. Poppyseed has a 3+ year shelf life, so they will still be good by the time you use them. High quality poppyseed should hold its value so you can always barter or sell if needed. Having a supply on hand will add security, reduce stress and save money.

Ramp down your tolerance.
If supply becomes limited or prices increase, it can be a good opportunity to ramp down your use or even quit. When you consume less tea less often, it becomes stronger when you do use it so you wont need as much. It can be uncomfortable for regular users to stop suddenly, so it’s best to ramp down over time.

Lastly make sure to stock up and buy from or

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